Soul Deep Poster

I have finally finished this huge project, and luckily didn’t forget to record the coloring process. If I count that the videos are sped up 10 times then I would say that just the coloring took me a raw 8 hours, so enjoy~ You can find the finished pic in the gallery~


Guess Who’s home!

IMG_20180605_182447_973Okay, so… originally I came up with Aiji and his twin when I started collecting SD dolls. Now naturally, I wanted the same head for both, so when IoS made me believe they are holding a last sale I had to buy his head. I didn’t plan to put him together until he is the other characters arrive, since he was not that significant in the story.
Fast forward, it has been 4 years (today actually) and I found a good price on a very nice body that was local, meaning no shipping fees and no wait times. I’ve been saving up slowly  to bring home Damian and Nicky since they are from the same company, so I even had money put aside, and this body was half that. (I like to keep extra savings so I buy dolls when I have the double amount put aside should anything happen).

So…Meet Ryou…I guess ^^; In the last few weeks the character also started to talk to me, like what he wants to wear and how deeper his personality is. And even Aiji doesn’t want to send him back witch is surprising ^^;

New huge poster in progress

2018-05-18 22_38_13-Zi O-ne _ Gavalloni Atelier on Instagram_ “Made some progress _'D I'm rewatchingSo long time no update again, I am sorry but managing the etsy shop and making new clothes for my own crew too ^^;

So this idea came to me and at first thought, nah it’s too big, it can’t possibly work and besides, when will I do this?
Forward a few days later we are at the lineart process. And then, another idea popped in. I loved to livestream on picardo but it has such a close knit friendships already I feel rather awkward there and honestly left a bit out. So I saw a dolly hobbyist make a twitch channel, and it seemed fun, so I joined in. There are so much more people there it might feel less intimidating. Lucky me I am in the era of twitch where there is a creatives channel for us so I can make art not related to games 😀

So that happened and here is my link to Twitch:

2018-05-18 22_38_36-Zi O-ne _ Gavalloni Atelier on Instagram_ “Flats are done o3o #art #wip #drawingThe other thing that happened is that I streamed the flat coloring process of the big poster, and people actually came and see and talked. Not much but more than nothing ^^
This encouraged me to see in to this more deeper and guys guys, I can download my steamed vid! This makes life soooo much easyer. This way I can download it when I’m done and speed it up for youtube. I even found a nice program too for editing!

So the other thing that happened and the Youtube link:

So far I have this progress, and plan to stream the rest to make it at least a complete coloring vid. Possibly 2 parts.

soul deep poster2

Soul Deep chapter two in the making

IMG_20180309_103323_089Finally could get to the point where I know what will happen in the next chapter. I won’t spoil the fun, but this time we will have some new faces showing up ^^ Slowly introducing the crew ❤

The setup will have to shift this time, to a bedroom too, and will have to go and take a few photos outside again.



Extra update: You can now read Chapter Two on the site!

Let is Snow!

IMG_20180121_133229_234Finally it snowed! We didn’t had any and what little we got today has melted overnight but we jumped at the opportunity and actually got off our bums to take some guys out in the snow for photographs!

You can find them on Flickr as per usual ❤ (Turn page to the left)