A new companion

2018-08-09 17_05_01-Zi O-ne _ Gavalloni Atelier ( • Instagram-fényképek és -videókSooooo this happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I loooove the Olympus and it’s features, but it’s actually my father’s and I wanted to have a camera for myself and try and upgrade to a modern one. (it’s at least 13 years old release)
My points for the Canon 700D was that it has an lcd that rotates (meaning I can see what I’m doing even if I step back from the camera or am in front of it) and has live view. Have a fully manual mode. The olympus holds up nicely thou, I’m keeping it for a little longer with me, but I’m pretty much satisfied with the canon and we started off a really nice relationship. It’s used (hence the bargain of a price I got it for that I kinda don’t want to share :’D Let’s just say it was half of what people usually pay.) but only for video capture (witch I kinda don’t understand…) so has a few cosmetic problems, but she’s loveable and still performs. My plan for the future is getting a really nice 50mm lens to get that quality up a notch.

You can see examples of the Canon vs Olympus test and a few new shoots made with the Canon on my flickr as usual.

The water didn’t got me!

2018-08-09 17_04_13-Zi O-ne _ Gavalloni Atelier ( • Instagram-fényképek és -videókSo it’s well in to summer and I had the great idea of a sore side photoshoot with water and sun and all that jazz.
Of course the ideal picture in my head is a sandy sore with nice blue water and diving with the dolls to take some really cool shoots and as it goes into dawn lighting a little bond fire and have them roast marshmallows. But as a first this was enough ^^;

2018-08-09 17_04_37-Zi O-ne _ Gavalloni Atelier ( • Instagram-fényképek és -videók



You can enjoy the pictures on my flickr link as usual, but my friend did take a few work in progress photos 😀 So you get to see my

sweat an tears (not) and the moment a wave almost got me in the @ss. I mean not like the water wasn’t nice and cool, but I didn’t had the humor to have soggy bottoms ;P

Going back to red


I know this might not be the theme of the blog, but I finally decided to go back to my red look ^^; I mean I was in my best self last time I had it and I AM feeling so much better in it than anything else. Also much much easier to maintain but that’s just a plus ^^;

Soul Deep Poster

I have finally finished this huge project, and luckily didn’t forget to record the coloring process. If I count that the videos are sped up 10 times then I would say that just the coloring took me a raw 8 hours, so enjoy~ You can find the finished pic in the gallery~

Guess Who’s home!

IMG_20180605_182447_973Okay, so… originally I came up with Aiji and his twin when I started collecting SD dolls. Now naturally, I wanted the same head for both, so when IoS made me believe they are holding a last sale I had to buy his head. I didn’t plan to put him together until he is the other characters arrive, since he was not that significant in the story.
Fast forward, it has been 4 years (today actually) and I found a good price on a very nice body that was local, meaning no shipping fees and no wait times. I’ve been saving up slowly  to bring home Damian and Nicky since they are from the same company, so I even had money put aside, and this body was half that. (I like to keep extra savings so I buy dolls when I have the double amount put aside should anything happen).

So…Meet Ryou…I guess ^^; In the last few weeks the character also started to talk to me, like what he wants to wear and how deeper his personality is. And even Aiji doesn’t want to send him back witch is surprising ^^;